Let’s talk about Manifesting – I’m not going into people seeing numbers.

10/10 Portal

Some dates have significance

Like 8/8 Lions Gate in August and today 10/10 in October.

10/10 portal is all about manifesting, creating your reality and timelines.

You know everyone always asked why do I see 11:11 all the time. Honestly if spirit is showing YOU numbers then it’s up to you to work out the significance. Sure you can look up what 11:11 means… it means the spirits are trying to show city something. And no one I’m an interpret what that means for you.

But let’s talk about manifesting.

There’s books and YouTube and Law of Attraction and The Secret.

But let’s break it down to the bare essence of it.

As Gregg Braden says…

To act like it has already is

Gregg Braden

As witches So it is

So I first step is to act like it already is.

The reasons for this is simply..

We create our reality, so without any doubts you need to believe it.

Part of living in belief is our language and the words we use to create and in setting our intention.

I want my own house… you know what the subconscious does with this? It goes ohhh there’s a feeling word in there… yes let’s give her the feeling of wanting.

In manifesting the act of living like it’s already come to pass is that your would you feel gratitude for receiving. Therefore instead of I want my own house you could say – I’m so grateful that I have my own house.

Manifesting is attached to our belief and the feeling of it.

An example that I use with my clients to really understand the feelings in manifesting is American Indians doing a rain dance. They aren’t doing a specific set of steps that brings rain. What they are doing is recreating the feeling of joy of dancing in the rain.

Kristy – Spells and Spirits