Spirituality Types

“You have to grow from the inside out. None can teach you, none can make you spiritual. There is no other teacher but your own soul”

― Swami Vivekananda, Vedanta Society

Spirituality Types are defined as you go through life and encounter many different types of spirituality. Many have belief in a God but choose to practice without a place of worship. Perhaps you find your connection through art or nature. Define your spirituality as you continue on your journey.

The term “Spirituality” is quite a broad concept. When referring to ourselves as being spiritual, we are acknowledging a higher power or something bigger than us. Spirituality is a sense of peace and oneness with all. It is, essentially, a way of life letting go of the material world.

There are many Spirituality Types and below we discover some of the different kinds.

Mystical Spirituality

Intuition and soul. You have a belief everything being connected, or unity of experiences. Everything you experience on your spiritual journey surpasses the material world. People who identify with this kind of spirituality believe in Karma, that everything happens exactly how it should or that everything happens for a reason. All in your life can be explained and this is what connects and intertwines all your experiences into one. The goal is to find inner peace and attain complete mindfulness in your spiritual life.

Authoritarian Spirituality

Believing that there is a hierarchy to this world. There is an authority figure and everything should be structured or follow a set of rules. Occasionally, people who fall into this kind of spirituality can be or are also fundamentalists. When you are a fundamentalist, it means you do not accept any other religion or religious beliefs . Only your own religion is the truthful one.

Intellectual Spirituality

It is likely you enjoy learning, reading and watching videos about spiritual theories. Often your opinions will change as you learn and grow. Knowledge is the backbone of this kind of spirituality.

Service Spirituality

This spiritual life path is quite common and those who associate themselves with it live life in service to others. They believe that spiritual inner peace will be obtained by helping other people. Expecting nothing in return for doing good for those who need it is a selfless act which brings many to their spiritual self.


Yoga is an estimated 5000-year-old, ancient practice which engages the mind and body. The aim is to open and soften the mind through movement – a kind of kinetic meditation. Yoga helps to connect one to oneself. Those who have struggled with addiction, eating disorders, traumatic events etc. have found peace with themselves through the practice as it connects the mind, body and spirit.

Connecting With Nature

Nature is a brilliant way to aid recovery. One does not need to be the adventurous type, going on camping trips every weekend hiking through mountains and forests. One can simply lie on some grass absorbing the earthy scent or lounging on a beach somewhere, rejuvenating your skin with the sun and salt. Exposed to nature helps to alleviate negative emotions like, anger, stress or depression, but also contributes to your physical well-being.


Meditation is a skill one learns through practice. It takes time and consistent practice to get comfortable with the steadying of your thoughts. Meditation comes in many different types. There is really, no wrong method. Maybe you could be lying in bed having some quiet time with your eyes closed or you could be out in nature sitting in the lotus position but essentially, meditation is about being within the present moment and nothing more.

Being Spiritual can mean different things for different people. Some people follow the religious side of life. Religious practices provide a physical method in which we actively praise our belief system, whatever it may be. For many spirituality is not religious but more organic.

Spells and Spirits

Spells and Spirits