Return Policy


Spells and Spirits operates in accordance with the Fair Trading Act of NSW, along with being an ethical and registered Australian Business.

In the event of a damaged or broken item during shipping we will give a full refund or replacement of the crystal/item if available.

We do require a photograph of the broken crystal/item within 48 hrs at most. Return postage is at the customers expense. A tracking number must be provided by the customer as proof of shipping in this event. A refund is not issued until goods have been received by us.

If you have any problems once your order is delivered, please contact us immediately so we may rectify or replace the item.

Return Address: Spells and Spirits

Any returns due to damage are to be posted within 7 days of your receiving them. After you have contacted us with photos. We have a record of when your parcel is delivered with tracking, for this reason. if the items are not received within 14 days we will not refund or credit.

We are not responsible for any item that is lost in the mail.  When tracking shows that your item was delivered to your shipping address, we are not held liable if that parcel goes missing, if your home is unattended. Australia Post will leave it in a safe drop spot or they will take it back to the PO and issue you a collection note. Some customers request leaving at the front door, this is at your own risk. We are not liable if Australia Post advises it was delivered, and you don’t receive it, due to theft.

If your parcel is lost by Australia Post YOU MUST lodge a dispute by quoting them your tracking number we provided. We cannot do this on your behalf. It is your responsibility to follow up on delays or parcels lost. If they deem the package is lost after investigation, we will issue a credit excluding postage costs.

About Crystals

Crystals are naturally formed within Mother Earth they are not perfect. Small imperfections may and will occur, this is not a fault but how they are created.

The information contained on my website is designed to help heal your emotional and spiritual health with the use of natural crystal vibrations. I do not recommend discontinuing any medical advice or medications you need.

I use crystal healing to bring harmony and balance to our mental, physical, etheric and auric fields which in turns brings better health through a positive outlook.

When our Chakras are healthy without blocked/stagnant energies our bodies will follow. Crystals have natural energies within them and enable us to heal ourselves. By programming our crystal with our intention we are able to use those vibrations to help healing occur.

Feel free to message me for any extra information on crystals, healing or choosing crystals.